06/Oct/2014 GOOD NEWS, "MOUSE SWAP" REACHED ENOUGH SALES FOR ALLOW US THE FREE DISTRIBUTION, THANK U SO MUCH TO ALL PEOPLE WHO CONTRIBUTED (FOR THOSE PEOPLE WHO BOUGHT THE COMIC, THIS DOESN'T MEAN YOU CAN DISTRIBUTE THE COMIC NOW, PLEASE KEEP YOUR COPIES FOR YOURSELF ONLY), Palcomix need fresh stuff to keep the interest on us and motivate people to return each week at least, so we will distribute the comic page by page weekly like all our regular comics, if you are interested on buy it and read the whole thing now and receive the extra exclusive pics, please send me an email to palcomixdeals(at)gmail(dot)com with the subject : MOUSE SWAP
30/Sep/2014 -Gallery Updated with single pic, also the new chapter of "Little Tails" gonna start on 6th October
16/Sep/2014 Palcomix VIP is the main source of income from us, and right is going low in sales, there are many reasons why this can happen, but i'm starting to think we just need to make Palcomix more popular, please distribute our comics and link to our site, with your help we can continue forever :D
12/Sep/2014 Gallery 8 Updated with 4 pics
08/Aug/2014 Well since August was really REALLY slow month we need to create some hype.. Fur34 was released some weeks ago but I didn't make any official announcement until now (was waiting to make the site bigger before make any announcement) ...so today i'm making it official.

Remember with your single membership you gain access to these sites:


Also, we are the only adult site that doesn't use a auto-renew system for memberships.

07/Aug/2014 Welcome to Palcomix 5.0 ^_^ a New Design easier to navigate ...I hope you guys like it
06/Jul/2014 I was just coming to you to show you something of few friends from DA are working on.. a short animated 2d film.
They are trying to get funds so they can bring it to life, If you can help with anything it would be great. And take a close look at the prizes there like storyboard books, artbooks, key animation books etc
More info here : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/145653582/tree-of-life
11/Jun/2014 I created a facebook page for making contests and stuff
Please give us a "like", i'll be doing the fan character contest there soon.

Also, From now the latest news will be appearing on top,

31/May/2014 Thanks to a friend who explained me that people expect updates every 7 days.. I never said i'll update each 7 days exactly (thought i try to do it) ... is not like i manage a tv network or something, this small business is affected for many common mundane life facts... if a artist of my team get sicks, if i have to accept more commissions cuz i need money (delaying other projects)... if i feel i need a couple of days off for rest ..... or if i just received too much messages to reply and is delaying me...(and nobody can reply for me)... i try to update weekly but is not like i can always do it, i'm just letting you know guys.
19/May/2014 -Cant Believe i didn't announced anything on April :P , New Little Tails Comic in a week :D
-Posted 4 new comics 2 days ago :P ..enjoy.
-Also this YOUTUBE LINK - i love it :D (new single released just days ago)
13/May/2014 Regarding the new "Penauts" 3d trailer..

It looks great cuz.... well.. look at it.. it's mostly drawn.. they used the 3d to copy the drawing techniques... i like it, kinda....


11/Mar/2014 -New comic on Palcomix VIP, this time for Rozen Maiden fans
-Mobius Unleashed sales returned to a regular status, thanks to all people who keep supporting us
-Gallery 8 was Updated
12/Feb/2014 -I know there was a lack of updates on January, but to compensate that we did a Big Update today... is not like we didn't worked on the comics, it's just didn't had enought time to upload the new pages :P
27/Jan/2014 Mobius Unleashed memberships number is pretty low >_< we are thiking on close the whole network... it will be the end of an era
21/Nov/2013 -Gallery 7 wa updated yesterday

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