Hello Palcomix and Jabarchives.com Users,

"Normally Im a silent voice behind all of this, and for 23 years Ive brought all of the things on these pages to you all for free. Ive loved doing so.

Back in 2003 I started working with Palcomix , BBMBBF has become a fantastic friend of mine. We started collaborating to release a CD to help fund the site and it worked well. We subsequently released a few more. Obviously, the era of physical media has ended, so weve gone to mostly digital distribution, and mostly through the mobiusunleashed.com website.

With recent events we had to change our payment processor, and therefore, weve lost the store on Jabarchives.com till I can move us over to Opencart which is compatible with Verotel our new payment processor. In the same time membership to the mobius site has dropped over 45% in the last 3 months. This is the site that pretty much pay for EVERYTHING you all enjoy on the sites we host. Be it jabarchives.com, Palcomix.com, the numerous comics we host such as cats n cameras, monster under the bed, and a few more, as well as other free sites that bring you all a lot of enjoyment. To do this all takes a lot of hours and power, Between colocation of our rack equipment to just the man hours of keeping it all up, as well as Paying the pal team of artists to continue to produce artwork as they do (its their living as well).

We really need your support to keep all of this going. Ive spent more than half of my life keeping these sites up since 1995, Id rather not lose them now. So if you really do appreciate what we bring you, your support on Mobiusunleashed.com as a member. How else can you help? Join up and pledge here now through Patreon: TJPAL Support @ Patreon You can pay through credit card OR Paypal! And you can donate whatever however much you wish! Please, even $1 would make a difference in helping us to keep our sites going! If all of our fans gave $1-5, the results would be fantastic!

Im working very hard to bring up another site lasercheetah.com that will be offering TONS of custom laser engraved items for you, with ANY artwork you choose. I should have that site up in the next week or two. But right now were physically running out of funds to keep the sites up, and with out your help, were likely to drop out in about 3 months.

To continue on to the free comics page, please click "here") Thank you all for your time in reading this and your time visiting our pages.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns you can reach me at Cheetah@jabarchives.com

Sincerely, James / Cheetah Jabarchives.com Palcomix.com TJA Productions"